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A place to share and discuss your love of photography/art with others.
Pixel This, Pixel That!


  • You are more than welcome to express your opinion on everyone's artwork, constructive criticism is okay, just don't be an asshole. It's understandable if you don't like something, or don't think it's that great, but don't put down other people's work. It's the internet, it does nobody any good to purposely be an asshole to someone.

  • Don't post huge pictures if they're not behind a cut. anything bigger than around 300px should be put behind a cut. None of us like to look at our friends page and have it all messed up because someone posted an obnoxiously huge picture.

  • If you want to promote communities then you can do it here, but only there. And it has to have some relevance to this community. None of those OMG1337NOFUGLIEZALLOWED rating communites.

  • Use this post to make any suggestions for the community, ask any questions, ect. I'm definitely open to many suggestions and opinions so please feel free!

  • Nudity is perfectly fine, as long as it's "artistic" nudity and as long as you put it behind a cut. Also, let everyone know that it is nudity behind the cut.

  • You can make text only posts. News article, story, a random discussion post, ect. Just as long as it isn't completely irrelevent to this community.

  • When you join, refer to this post to find the "application" to fill out. It's not going to determine if you're accepted into the community or not. The community is open membership. Everyone is welcome!

Eventually there will be weekly/monthly themes and a chance to choose your favorite and stuff like that, but I want to try and build up the community first. And it doesn't have to be just photography! Any art is welcome here. There's hardly any good photography/art communities on LJ anymore so hopefully this can become one! So, promote!!



(It does not have to be the "cliche" definition of love. It's whatever love is to you. Whatever you comes to mind when you think of love. Heartbreak, something/someone you love that you will never have/etc!)

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